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The whole world loves a maverick.

Mark is a photographer and creator of dramatic scenes in fantastic locations that embody his spirit and quirky vision.

From an early age running wild in the English fells and lakes, he appreciated the majesty and allure of landscape. Later, the comparable beauty of the human form took his fancy. These days he marries those elements in images that tell stories of passion, freedom and abandon.

Individuality and lust for life are central themes in his photography. Without much persuasion, the subjects adopt the story and get into the spirit of things. Their taut limbs and fluid movements are a celebration as though dancing into another world. Fortunately, they stick around in this world long enough to be captured.


His landscapes sit on the edge of reality. His women are rebels, survivors, strong but never masculine, feminine but never weak. They revel in chaos and make good-looking outlaws.

A photographer shoots what he loves. Mark loves all of the above, and still runs wildly in the fells.


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