It's up to us to paint our own reality.

After several years as a Royal Marine Commando, I transformed my passion for photography into a magical second career. It was a swift transition. More shooting, fewer explosions, and equal amounts of heroics.

In London, commissions ensued in fashion, portraits, pets and pop-stars for a wide variety of magazines, including Sunday Times Style, Tatler, NME, FHM and Maxim. Through these these brands and more, my pictures have been published throughout the world.

The passion for story-telling continues.

Creating the scenes on this website took collaborations, leaps of faith, commitment to impulses and being lucky with the weather. The impulses sometimes take a bit of sweet talking, but if you are authentically passionate about the vision, people come along for the ride, and challenge you to go faster.

So from rifle to film to digital, the weapon-of-choice has changed, but the drive to deliver a vision more exciting and sexy than the last has remained. And so it goes, when you think you’ve seen it all, a new darling appears.

These days I remain a gun-for-hire with an ongoing mission: to create a kickass set of pictures.


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